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A Word From The Editor

Bent Knees.. Crossed Fingers.. Bowed Heads..

Time.. Prosperity.. Strength.. Peace.. Love..

Some ask me, "where do you get it from?"; while others sit back and spectate. It's easy to be selfish, vile, and self centered in a world that teaches you to hate... BUT GOD!

The Bible says, in Proverbs 18:16; "A man's gift will make room for him and bring him before men". That very verse is a Clear Depiction of the many gifts that God has Blessed me with. The spectators; they see what you have but they'll never know what it took for you to get it.. They'll never see the long nights you spent up, constantly thinking of ways to reinvent the wheel.. They'll never be able to count the influx of hours that you spent on your knees crying out to God for guidance and direction. It's all by his Grace and Mercy that i am able to use my many gifts that he blessed me with to be used as a vessel to bless others. 

My Greatest Fear in life is to be a disappointment to God.. i can't fathom even the thought of spending so many years living a life that turns out to be nothing more than a waste of time on Judgement Day.

One preconceived notion.. One encounter.. ONE person can change your entire life, for the better or for the worst. I'm a firm believer in the saying that, "God bases his Final Judgement off of the things that are done behind closed doors". The actions of someone behind closed doors shows the True Definition of what's held in their hearts. Blessings generally comes from doing or caring for someone without expecting a return; wholeheartedly. 

Singer India Arie has a song where she says, "I choose to be the best that i can be.. I choose to be authentic in everything.. My past don't dictate who i am.. I choose!"

Although we are all in our last days, as everyday we are reminded with a new sign; reflective by the hatred and overwhelming deaths. It seems as if we have all lost sight of our Secret Weapon... GOD! God is a God of Choice, despite all the odds that the enemy constantly keeps in our faces. God gives us all the option to choose the side of the fence that we'd rather be on, whether good or bad; while at the same time keeping us wrapped in his wings as he continues to shelter and protect us. We all have the choice to embrace our gifts and walk in our destiny and purpose OR to lose our souls for worldly gains for a world that EXTREMELY pretentious.

Winning??? EVERYONE wants to win... EVERYONE to make it... Question is, what's the Grand Prize? Where exactly are we making it to? and what's going to happen when we "make it there"? Questions that many of fail to think about or ask ourselves. Why does life have to be a Competition? Why do we have to create war and division with one another just to keep up with the "Jones's"? Who are the "Jones's" anyways??

In a world where you can be anything, why not just be yourself? We live in a world where you have a CHOICE.. you were created by a God that allows you to choose Freely.. Imagine a world without Chaos.. Imagine a world without violence, oppression, slavery or hatred.. The would probably be a better place you think? Not so much! A world without those things means absolutely NOTHING with a change of mindset.. Slavery starts with the mind.. with an impoverished mindset, you are FOREVER bound... And it all starts with a CHOICE! a choice to recount your mindset so that you can free yourself... a choice to have Faith and Believe that if God brings you to it, he has ALREADY aligned the equipment to get you through it.. We all have a choice.. Choose today; to be a BETTER you today that you were yesterday.. Choose today; to speak up for your brother or sister in Christ that don't have the ability to speak up for themselves.. Choose today; to make a difference not only in your own life but the life of others.. Choose today; to follow your own path, because Keeping up with "The Jones's" dims your light... CHOOSE TODAY; TO EMBRACE YOUR GIFT(S) AND WALK IN YOUR PURPOSE... BECAUSE "YOUR GIFT HAS ALREADY MADE A WAY FOR YOU", says God.

Remain Encouraged & And Be Blessed 

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